Los Estrambóticos premiered a New Song “La Fuerza del Latino”, of Their Upcoming New Album to be Released in 2018. “La Fuerza del Latino” is a song that talks about the unity of Latin American immigrants in a difficult time in history. This record promotes the unity of this great community through their culture, their musical rhythms, the taste of their meals, and the memory of their loved ones. It is a hymn to the differences and similarities of Latinos from the Pampa to New York and from Los Angeles to El Salvador, to the diverse ways to call friends in each country (parcecuatepana, ñero, brother, bro).

Currently, the group continues to satisfy their large fan base with this new single that is available now on all digital platforms and in their multiple live performances.

Listen/Follow along to the new single here by viewing their Lyric Video on YouTube:

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