Before I go on on talking and sharing our interview with LOVE STAR , I have to make sure to say that not only are they one of the most energetic bands I have been able to experience , but the light, force , music, and vibration coming from any of their performances are to be experience and share with the rest of the world . In one word “BRAVO” Love star , your sounds , videos , lyrics are not just music , to me , they are a moment in space that validates beauty and a sense of one’s self with the universe . Now , with that our of my chest, lets get to find more about this awesome band .

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MR. Name of the band and how did you came out with it ?
LOVE STAR. The two things that we feel are the most powerful in the universe are love and light. When we started the project that would later be named Love Star, we wanted to do something that was different than what we were seeing around us at the time. Nobody was writing songs that were positive and most don’t because it’s hard to do. It’s easier to write a sad song than something positive and believable. When we walked into the studio to record new songs, our goal was to head in that positive direction. From then on, we have continued to build on the lyrics, sound and style that was unique only to us.

MR. How many members and their names ? There’s two band members. Starla(Adriana Fernandez) and The Doctor (Will Alves III)
LOVE STAR. What instruments do each of you play ?

Starla is the singer and plays keyboards and The Doctor plays the guitar

MR. When was the band formed ?
LOVE STAR. The band formed in the Summer of 2009 and our first EP was released in February, 2010.

MR. What is the genre of music you are known for? LOVE STAR. Electro Rock

MR. Have you written your own songs?
LOVE STAR. We write all of our songs. The Doctor focuses on the music, and Starla writes the lyrics and melodies.

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MR. Where does the inspiration come from?
LOVE STAR. What are your favorite bands? We have a ton of favorite bands and songs. One of those is Muse.

MR. How about local bands?
LOVE STAR. Here are a few independent bands that we think are great. Sons of E.D.(now DJ Hegemony), whom we played with in Chicago, Opinião Pública from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, whom we shared the stage with in NY, Murfila from Spain that we played with in LA, and Pastilla and Vim Furor from LA.

MR. When is or are your next shows and where?
LOVE STAR. Our next 2 shows are
1. Feb 16th at The Breakout Tour 2014 at The Mariachi Plaza in Boyle Heights
2. March 1st at Antigua in Montebello

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MR. Tell us , please , how to find you on social media ?
LOVE STAR. For more information about our band you can visit
Here are more links: