C. Tangana likes to take risks and it shows, his new salsa fused single “Pronto Llegará” proves that taking a risk does pay off.

Produced by the British duo Ill Blu, together with Alizzz, the track turns a sample from a song as recognizable as “El Día de Mi Suerte” by Hector Lavoe and Willie Colón into a clear declaration of intent.

The video accompanying the track is helmed by Santos Bacana. The piece, shot in Madrid with the entire Little Spain team, draws inspiration from a variety of references — Fania’s retro aesthetics, Carlos Saura or even The Sopranos — to reflect that unique mix of old and new elements, Spanish and Latinos, which characterizes C. Tangana.

The video sees Pucho and Darell evoke the idea behind that ‘The life that awaits me will come soon’ from the iconic sample of Héctor Lavoe’s song, with “El Madrileño” surprising us as he loses himself to salsa dancing with actress Songa Park.