For four years we’ve patiently waited for life from Café Tacvba, and they’ve finally delivered with their newest single “Futuro.” The new track starts off slow, Ruben’s vocals dark, and a melodic pounding provides the signature Latino folklore we can expect from Café. Filled with contradictions exploring life and death, and a hopeful take-away, “el futuro es hoy” (“the future is now”), the record is the perfect anthem to start the year as we anticipate an album rumored to be released in Spring.

The group released the single “Un Par De Lugares” last year, the first music we heard from Café Tacvba since their 2012 album El Objeto Antes Llamado Disco. The group will be playing two shows in Orange County at the Anaheim House of Blues in March, click here for tickets and info. Also, check out the band’s website in the meantime.