Prolific Latin Urban-Reggaeton chart-topping recording artist De La Ghetto shows his sensual side with hot and musically fresh new single and video “Selfie”. The first single off his highly anticipated album “Los Chulitos”, takes the Grammy nominated® singer-songwriter through a private and exhilarating world of “selfie” taking, where there are no holds barred and your creativity guides your freedom of expression.

Written by De La Ghetto and Lelo & Jazz (The Hitmen), the track kicks off with a smooth R&B intro, and takes an unexpected (and masterfully crafted) turn into a danceable and sexy Reggaeton-Dancehall beat. De La Ghetto’s trademark flow and lyrical style, carefully combines contagious beats with romantic lyrics, calling out for you to express your innermost desires by sharing a private and daring “selfie” from an environment that’s either familiar or unfamiliar to your norm.

Shot in Bogota, Colombia, the video was set in a raw, urban landscape that features vibrantly colored and unique settings where models take personalized “selfies”. De La Ghetto guides their exhilarating and exciting journey through lyrics, which encourage the models to project their innermost feelings towards that special someone through the power of a “selfie”.