Los Angeles-based Mexican singer-songwriter, Gaby Lagarda is back and she released her new music video Cigana da Rosa today. This will be the second single of her debut EP titled SOULDIER.

Translating the title from Portuguese as “gypsy with the rose,” the song was inspired by the mystical story of a Brazilian gypsy who freed her people from slavery. Cigana da Rosa revolves around leadership and courage.

The music video tells the story through movement, empowering others to open their eyes and fight for freedom. The dance represents cultures from around the world, from Spanish flamenco to Indian and Thai dance.

Gaby is willing to put all of her inspiration, love for art, dance and culture into her music. Cigana da Rosa fully embodies Gaby’s love for art, dance and culture.

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2 more days! ???⭐️? #CiganaDaRosa #SouldierEP

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