“USA” 3D can capture and play 360 degree sounds that can be heard by using any type of earphones, a unique experience.

Inti & Vicente are composers and producers only 24 and 22 years old. In 2019, they became the first Urban Pop independent Peruvian duo to reach the top 50 Viral in 14 countries, and more than 5 million streams.

Inti & Vicente have gathered the roots of many musical genres to create their own sound, in a fresh mix of Hip-Hop and Pop. “USA” is their fourth single from the label Rebeleon Entertainment & Virgin Music US Latin. The song was written and produced by the duo with Alejandro León. It is now available on all digital platforms. The song highlights a very common story; isolation, and how sometimes being accompanied by other people doesn’t free you from the feeling of loneliness.