Memorably-titled band Jenny and The Mexicats announces a third studio album, “Mar Abierto,” set to be released quite soon—still in early 2017. For this project, the band worked with producer Juan Garcia Alvarez and spent time at the Valenzo Studios in Mexico City.  “Mar Abierto” is a concept album which fans will enjoy listening to from start to finish. That said, it will feature a danceable, merengue-inspired track, “La Diabla,” already generating buzz.

Jenny and The Mexicats is a bilingual, multicultural band known for a highly unique mix of styles and genres, including—but not limited to—cumbia, rockabilly, pop, jazz, flamenco, and folk.  The band was formed thanks to the fact that British singer and trumpet player Jenny Ball was part of an orchestra that was touring Spain, where she met bassist Luis Díaz, also known as “Icho.” Two years later, Jenny moved to Spain and both musicians decided to play together. They teamed up with flamenco guitarist Alfonso Acosta “Pantera,” who had once been in a rockabilly band with Icho. Percussionist David Gonzalez was then added to the mix.

All of the band members are looking forward to offering live shows to promote the new album. They plan to visit the UK, Germany, Spain, Argentina, Mexico, Bolivia, Colombia, Peru, and the United States. Explore further at