Let’s talk FASHION! Mexican fashion line Sindashi is set to hold a runway show on February 22nd, and anyone interested in viewing spectacular garments and traditional Mexican fabrics and embroidery is welcome to attend.

The collection to be shown is truly unique. The silhouettes and styles are contemporary, glamorous, and cool— something a trendsetter, influencer or tastemaker might be happy to wear to a dinner party, a red carpet, a gallery opening, or a wine tasting, or even just for a photo to post on Instagram.

However, this is not disposable fashion. These are not pieces to wear for just one season. These are masterpieces to be treasured, not only because they are gorgeous, but also out of respect for Mexican and pre-Hispanic cultures, such as the Otomi people, the Huicholes, the Aztecs, and the Mayans, which were the sources of inspiration for the line.  Garments are made out of cotton, linen, wool, and other natural fibers. Each handcrafted piece is one-of-a-kind, and signed by the individual who created it. Ladies from indigenous communities in Mexico, embroidery experts, help make these true masterpieces, and are fairly compensated for their work and given incentives. This, in turn, often allows them to escape from abuse and live with dignity.

The Sindashi line, which can be found in Mexico, in places such as super hot travel destination San Miguel de Allende, is also currently available in LA at a boutique known as BeYunik.

The runway show, featuring Mexican women as models, will be a part of an event hosted by Raw Artists, to take place at Boulevard3, a popular Los Angeles venue. The show itself is set to start at 7 P.M. Get your tickets here!

Learn more by viewing these videos:

Plus, Boulevard3 is no stranger to the fashion scene. Also, look at Enrique Iglesias leaving the venue: