Two breakout young female artists, María Isabel and María Teresa, known as Las Marías, present their first EP album titled ‘Bella Casualidad,’ under the label Fonovisa Records.

The twin sisters were discovered when they were 14 years old on La Voz Kids, where they enamored the audience with their talent, joy and sweetness. Five years later with the support of the Fonovisa Records team, they release their first album in the ‘sierreño’ subgenre with songs ranging in all the facets of love. Fans of all ages will be able to identify their different experiences in love with the lyrics of the songs.

Their songs have all the essence of Regional Mexican and the ‘sierreño’ subgenre. Las Marías’ purpose is to continue instilling Regional Mexican music to new generations. They are currently preparing collaborations with other artists from the Regional Mexican genre and upcoming releases.