There’s always a podcast you can hear and feel related to, but sometimes you just don’t have the time to get on the internet and find them, and that’s why we’ve made the research for you and put together a selection of some of our favorite Latinx podcasts for you (in no particular order) to hear and enjoy whenever you have the time to.

Café con Chisme

Café con Chisme is hosted by siblings Jaz and Seb, where they discuss political issues, race, and more. These Latinx siblings are very outspoken when criticizing social injustices and showing support to marginalized minorities while not losing that fun and familiar touch. You can look it up on Spotify, Soundcloud & Apple Podcasts.

The Platano Diaries

The Platano Diaries is hosted by Adrianna Torres y Verónica Dávila where they talk about astrology, being Latinx and Caribbean pop culture through a very critical and feminist point of view. They’re on Spotify, Apple Podcasts, and SoundCloud. 

Pili, Raul and La Musica

Emmy winner TV host and producer Pili Montilla and DJ Raul Campos merged to bring alive this amazing, sincere and raw, podcast about the best Latin music you can find. Find it on Podbean.

Latinos Who Lunch

Hosted by artist Favy Fav and art historian Babelito, this podcast all about inclusivity. They cover some very important topics within the Latinx community, like gender identity or racism, or some easier to digest like music, movies, or art.  For all the last sentences add logos of each platform on where they can be seen. à You can find the podcast on AudioBoom, Spotify, Apple Podcast & more.

Talk Fast, Listen Slow

Hosted by Katherine Castro and Angela Carrasco, ‘Talk Fast, Listen Slow’ has been called the perfect “BFF” Podcast, because these two friends have unique chemistry while discussing topics like love life or culture. You can find them on YouTube or Apple Podcasts.

Hanging With The Sotelos

Edgar and Janet are a married couple; parents to two young girls and their podcast is pretty much about their life and their relationship. Centering on relationship drama and how to overcome that through faith and love. The podcast is currently on Spotify, Apple Podcasts, and iHeart Radio.

Latinos Out Loud

‘Latinos Out Loud’ (LOL) is a comedy podcast hosted by comedians Rachel Strauss-Muniz, Michael Diaz, Jaime Fernandez, and Nick Nibbs, where they mostly discuss their own life and pop culture through a fun point of view. You can find it on reVolver Podcasts or Spotify.

Spillin’ the Frijoles w/ Mexican Gueys

Jairo Orozco first started making content for vine and launched an Instagram comedy page, where Bryan Rojo joined. Later on they started their own podcast ‘Spilling the Frijoles’, where they talk about their own life and Latino culture. Find them on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, iHeart Radio or reVolver Podcasts.

LaMusica Podcast

This is an all-Spanish Podcast where Mauricio Londoño talks about Latin musicians like Anitta, Chocquibtown, and Jhay Cortez to discuss their music, inspirations, or most recent releases. You can listen on or on their app.

¡Viva Latino! Podcast

Viva Latino is a Spotify original Podcast where they bring the most streamed Latin superstars to join and share interviews, breakdown their hits or discuss Latino culture and lifestyle with them.

Latina to Latina

Writer Alicia Menendez host this amazing podcast about women and for women where she invites remarkable Latinas to discuss their lives and careers, and how they get to where they are now. You can find her on Apple Podcasts, Spotify & more.

Luis Jimenez Podcast

The famous radio host Luis Jimenez made his jump to internet platforms with his Podcasts, where he covers hot topics with his irreverent humor. He’s on Spotify & Apple podcasts.

Spanish Aquí Presents

Raiza, Oscar, Tony, and Carlos host this comedy Podcast where they discuss Latino life, culture, and pop culture with their guests or just between them with their unique, funny, and enjoyable point of view. You can find them on Spotify or Apple Podcasts.

The Rodriguez Podcast

Cesar and Carlos Rodriguez discuss hot topics, new music, and highlighting local artists looking to connect with their fans. They’re on Apple Podcasts & Spotify.

Sister Sister

A podcast hosted by 2 sisters, RaqC and Susie. Raised by the same parents, the same household, that chose 2 different life paths. They agree to disagree ALOT and if you don’t know them you would think they are fighting, but they talk passionately. A show where nothing is off-limits. These 2 sisters are talking about it ALL, relationships, sex, marriage, dating, career, health, and everything in between. 

Feel free to send us your recommendations so we can continue adding to this list and supporting our Latino Podcasters!