Digital Girl’s President, Loren Medina,
will be joining the board of the 2014 Hispanicize
Music Coalition.

MIAMI, Florida – February 12, 2014 – (HISPANICIZE WIRE) – Hispanicize 2014, the annual trends event for marketing, social media, music, film and tech, today announced the launch of the Hispanicize 2014 Music Coalition.

“We’re excited to announce our new ‘Music Coalition’, a collective of strong leaders in the Hispanic music community who shine in their perspective fields. We’ve tapped each of them this year to lend their expertise and guidance to the music platform,” said Music Showcase Director, Vanessa James.

The Latin Music Coalition includes: Diane Beas of Secret Road Records, Loren Medina, President of Digital Girl, and Edwin Hincapie , Group Acct. Director, Brand Leadership @Cultur8 (Dieste). Each leader will lend their knowledge, expertise and ears to make Music at Hispanicize an unforgettable experience.


“I’m honored to be part of Hispanicize 2014’s Music Coalition. Hispanicize has proven to be a successful and multifaceted event that has created several platforms for executives from different industries to meet and collaborate,” said Medina, President of Digital Girl Inc.

“The marriage of music and picture is like the perfect relationship. It’s a movement on [their] own, but a force when [they’re] together,” said Beas.

The formation of the Music Coalition also underscores how this year’s event will be packed with special performances by indie artists, newly signed artists, as well as well-known GRAMMY-winning artists, creating a mix that is sure to delight attendees.

“In five years as a conference, and only two years since our Music Showcase launched, our value proposition in the industry has become undisputable and nationally recognized,” said Music Showcase, co-founder Katherine Johnson. “What makes Hispanicize special is the ability for these artists to immediately engage with their audience, make connections and collaborate-And not just any audience-the Hispanic and Multicultural key decisions makers of the professional and creative worlds, the influencers, the game changers-all gathered in one place.”

A full lineup of performances, artist appearances, music-related Latinovators as well as music speakers and sessions, will be announced February 24. In the meantime, organizers assure attendees will be impressed with the caliber of music talent that will be showcased at this year’s event. To read a full Q&A with the Hispanicize 2014 music showcase directors and for more information about the Hispanicize 2014 Music Showcase, please visit the Hispanicize Event website