Louie Perez lead singer of Los Lobos and Grammy Award winner with top songs such as “La Bamba”, “Donna” , “We Belong Together” and many more has been on the road with the group since the middle of January of this year. They have performed around 75 shows this year so far  and still on the road. Louie Perez who is a East LA native will be performing with the band this weekend in Los Angeles, CA at Plaza de la Raza for the third annual Tatuaje festival.

Louie Perez spoke with Musica Roots about being on the road and where he stands in the music industry and let us get to know him a little better.

Musica Roots: The last album was gates of gold will fans be seeing another album in the future? If so will you guys be keeping the same mixture of English and Spanish?

There has been about 15 studio records but our music is never the same. We rarely repeat the same type of music.

Musica Roots: Will you be making or featuring new artists in the new album?

This year in November it will 44 years with the band. So no we are pretty set in our ways on the music. We don’t want to jump on the new wagon. We have worked with a lot of artists and many of our heroes like Eric Clapton.

Musica Roots: Do you have a specific hero you could or could have worked with?

We have work with many artists but I would say Bob Dylan or B.B. King although he is not with us anymore.

Musica Roots: Are you currently writing any new music?

When I can but it is tough right now since we are on the road. But there has been some sessions in the studio but it is just about getting more time in the studio.

Musica Roots: What do you do on your spare time?

When I am not on the road I like to be home with my wife. My boys are now all grown and have moved out so I like to spend that time with my wife. I also write or do some visual art.

If you want to watch  Los Lobos, have a good time or just get inked up by top tattoo artists check below for more information.

When & Time: Sat, Jul 29, 2017, 7:00 PM or Sun, Jul 30, 2017, 1:00 AM PDT

Where: Plaza de la Raza Gallery, 3540 Mission Rd, Los Angeles, CA

For additional information and to buy tickets visit www.TATUAJE2017.EVENTBRITE.com

Here’s a great video of Los Lobos on Austin City Limits: