Mon Laferte – The Latin-American music star became the most talked about artist worldwide as she spoke out about the current political situation in her country, an act that made her one the most powerful voices when it comes to raising issues currently affecting the entire continent.

This year’s Latin GRAMMY’s became a trending topic of conversation around the world but it wasn’t precisely because of the music or the artists recognized during the ceremony but rather for the courage and urgency showcased by this young artist who with each passing day gains more relevance as one of the most important stars of the American continent: Mon Laferte.

“If I’m honest, I know I won’t change the world. I am only a singer. I am not an expert in politics but I saw what was happening with my people, what was happening with my family, I saw my mother cry while she remembered old times and that’s where I got the strength to do all this.”

“This time I exposed my body in the most transparent, honest and pacific way I know, and I put it to the service of that which I believe to be justice.”

Given the many protests across the region, both social networks and the media were full of commentary regarding Laferte’s words, who with a single act managed to generate discourse over three very urgent topics: the political situation around the continentthe use of the feminine body as a political tool in a chauvinistic culture, and the importance of social causes within the entertainment industry.

To reinforce her mission, Mon Laferte launched the song “Plata Tá Tá” with reggaeton sensation Guaynaa, where, through the power of urban rhythms, she tells the story of the Chilean’s people uprisings and even uses some of the phrases they created during the protests, becoming the voice for those who are outcasts while also making a clear reference to the emblematic song of protest created by the group, “Los Prisioneros”, “El Baile de los que Sobran” (The Dance For Those Who Are Left Behind).