In these days of illegal music downloads and listener’s short attention span, artist and record companies have to adapt to the times or they will be forgotten in this fast and ever changing new world in the music industry and one way that artist and records companies have found to generate interest in their music and of course, revenue, is through advertising and song licensing for movies and TV and most recently, video games.

When Pete Townshend, guitarist and song writer for legendary rock group, The Who, first allowed The Who mega hits, “Baba O’Reilly” and “Who Are You” to be used in the CSI TV dramas, he was highly criticized for “selling out”, but soon other legendary artist like Bob Dylan followed, and some even appeared in commercials, like Sting, who appeared in a luxury car commercial.

Nacional Records - Kinky

In the Latin music industry, one of the companies taking advantage of this new phenomenon, which not only generates revenue but introduces its artist to millions of possible new fans, is Nacional Records.
Nacional Records has recently landed major synchs in major video games, TV/movies and advertising campaigns, with prominent placements for multiple artists across a variety of genres.

The smash hit video game Grand Theft Auto V features 3 songs from Nacional Records artists Mexican Institute of Sound (“Es-Toy”), La Vida Boheme (“Danz!”) and She’s a Tease (“Fiebre De Jack”). The record-breaking video game features an entire radio station hosted and curated by Camilo Lara from Mexican Institute of Sound.
Grammy award nominees La Vida Boheme are the new face of McDonald’s US-focused ad campaign, performing on McDonald’s rooftop in their new TV commercials.

Nacional Reords - Los Amigos Invisibles

Additionally, Los Amigos Invisibles’ “La Que Me Gusta” appears in the new commercial for Yoplait while Kinky’s “Después del After” is the soundtrack to the new Taco Bell commercial. New ads from Brisk Iced Tea also feature DJ Raff “Latino & Proud” and Latin Bitman “The Instrumento”
Multiple new TV shows are also using Nacional Records’ music this season, including Nortec Collective Presents Bostich & Fussible’
“Tijuana Sound Machine” in FX ‘The Bridge’ and Cuarto Poder “Arenita Playita” in upcoming episode of ‘Person of Interest.’

Monareta “Cumbia de la Sierra” also appeared in recent episode of ‘Longmire,’ while Bomba Estereo has 3 songs in recent episode of ‘Covert Affairs.’ Astro “Voltaretas” is also in a new Discovery Channel promo spot.
Nacional’s film / television / videogame licensing operation has seen steady growth since the label’s inception. Thanks to its sister music publishing company Canciones Nacionales, Nacional Records is widely recognized by music supervisors and licensors as a leading “one stop shop” for Latin music licensing.

Nacional Records - La Vida Boheme

Among the recent high profile licenses have been commercials for Target, Walmart, Heineken and McDonald’s; television shows like ENTOURAGE, JERSEY SHORE, BREAKING BAD and 90210; popular videogames like Electronic Arts’ FIFA soccer series and Need For Speed racing series; and top-grossing films including LIMITLESS, BABEL and BEVERLY HILLS CHIHUAHUA.
Nacional has also expanded its soundtracks operation, and has released several motion picture soundtracks for films including FROM PRADA TO NADA, A BETTER LIFE, LA MUJER DE MI HERMANO, and RUDO Y CURSI.

Written by Angel Aguilar
Data courtesy of Nacional Records