Neto Bernal, who is experiencing a very important moment in his career right now by landing 8th on Billboard’s Regional Mexican chart, has deep gratitude to the mothers around the world and pays tribute to them with the song Canto a La Madre.

The young man from Mexicali, BC decided to record this song because it is extremely special for him. Aside from paying tribute to mothers, it is also a song that he would often sing when he was young. It takes him back to his childhood, where the illusion of competing and winning in singing contests prevailed.

At the moment, Neto Bernal continues to celebrate the success of his song “Si Quieres” and is focused on the release of his album ‘Después De Hoy’ that will be available on May 22nd.

Undoubtedly, Neto Bernal is one of the young rising artists of the Regional Mexican genre that is making his mark in the music scene and has come to stay.