For months now, Residente of Calle 13 has been traveling the world and teasing us with not so subtle hints of a “nu pröject.” Back in 2015, René Pérez Joglar, better known as Residente, half of the Grammy award-winning Calle 13, announced that he was working on a new project and would be putting out music as a solo artist. Residente traveled to Russia, Siberia, and China (among other places), based on a DNA test that revealed his genetic ancestry, “discovering sounds and uncovering stories.” René has always been a vocal artist, performer, and activist, the site dedicated to this project shows just that, as René puts it, “We are all residents in the spaces that confine us.”

“Somos Anormales,” Residente’s first single of this project is eclectic, unapologetically encouraging us to embrace our inner freak, with the fervor we’d expect from Residente. Recorded in Siberia, the track features traditional instruments and musical style of the region. The video for the single is just as anormal (viewer discretion is advised). A documentary, album, and tour are on their way.