“I recorded this song shortly before all this madness unfolded, I think it’s a bit foreboding.”

Biutifulcame about a couple of weeks ago on a random day when Mon Laferte woke up feeling pretty, which was something unexpected for her. She sang it to several friends and they all liked it; they said that listening to it gave them encouragement and that they liked to put it on every morning as they woke up. So, Mon decided to record it.

Hoy me haré el amor porque me siento biutiful (“Today I will make love to myself because I feel biutiful”),” are some of Mon’s lyrics before the song explodes into a chorus where she shouts over and over about how good she feels about herself. In the video, we see her changing into different outfits in a tiny room, and she shows us once again her singing versatility across various genres, but especially her favorite: rock.

“The video was very simple; I recorded it in my best friend’s apartment in Mexico City, where I happen to have a lot of my clothes, so I started playing. That is the main idea of the song, that one can feel good either way, beauty is an attitude, we don’t need anything.”

The video for “Biutiful” is homemade and echoes Mon’s sentiments of how there’s no need for some production in any aspect of life, just let it be and that’s it. Being at home, comfortable with what you are and with what you have.

“Biutiful” is a declaration of self-love, self-acceptance, sexuality and empowerment, which is incredibly encouraging for the unprecedented times we are currently living through.

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