Marineros, the Chilean duo are known for their ethereal, winding, contemplative songs and unexpected cadence release a new song today called ‘Todo A La Vez’ (everything at once). It’s an answer to the question ‘what is love?’ Recorded in 2019 during the solar eclipse with the renowned producer Cristián Heyne (Gepe, Javiera Mena) in his studio. “Todo A La Vez is where humans meet the universe by means of universal love,’ says the group.  Musically it takes clear influence from the urbano movement, while weaving in their signature ethereal electro-pop sensibilities. 

Their debut album ‘O Marineros’ (2015) opened the doors of the world for them- eventually playing on prestigious stages such as Ceremonia (MX), Ruido Fest (Chicago), and Red Bull’s 30 Days in LA.

‘Todo A La Vez’ is Marineros at their truest, in a moment when we didn’t realize how badly we need them.