Panteón Rococó premieres their new single El Último Ska, an unpublished cut that embodies the Mexican group’s new and surprising nuances to the contemporary music market, available in all digital platforms.

It has been 23 years since 9 exceptional young Mexicans gave their lives to a musical proposal that would demand much more than playing and having fun. By joining Panteón Rococó, Gorri, Miseal, Paco, Shenka, Felipe, Tanis, Darío and Leonel, chose a way of life that has united them through democracy, humanity, social sensitivity and teamwork; in addition to having the privilege of continuously delivering great energy and accompanying the lives of their thousands of fans in Mexico, Europe, U.S. and Latin America.

Now, with a great trajectory and with the affection and admiration of great people of the current music scene, we are gifted with their latest single: El Último Ska, a cry from the lack of love; the breaking point of irreverence and reflection of the bitterness of a broken heart and of lost promises- the duality between pain and joy. Undoubtedly, a new beginning.

El Último Ska is a song produced by Mexican musician and composer, Jorge “Chiquis” Amaro, (Fobia, Cuca, Jot Dog, La Lupita, Natalia Lafourcade, Maná, Moenia) who has long been involved with the band (Ejército de Paz, Arréglame el Alma, 2010). “Chiquis” in the production and Dr. Shenka in the composition have made El Último Ska a detailed and well-achieved work maintaining the personality of the group. It is a complete theme with different melodies and harmonies that take you to an intimate place where, as in the old traditional ska themes, the magic is unleashed and takes over to the point that there is nothing more to do than move and dance, despite having your heart torn to pieces.

Panteón Rococó includes several collaborations with musical partners in this new anthem: “Tibu” member of Fanko (formerly Plastiko) on brass instruments, César Pacheco on percussions, and last but not least, a collaboration with the international reggae band DUB INC, who imprints a unique musical seal through their French and Arabic influences.

The Panteones begin a new stage with strength and joy, always with a standard of social commitment, inclusion and diversity: In Panteón Rococó, everyone is welcome.

The video clip for El Último Ska, filmed in the depths of Mexico City, will be premiered soon featuring 100% of authenticity of the places, colors, smells and emblematic constructions from where, more than 23 years ago, Panteón Rococó began to write its great history.