Get ready, because this is a record of epic proportions and has just come in hot from vibrant Colombia. Titled “Tesoro de Amor,” it’s the quick-stepping, traditionally-inspired brainchild of three Colombian legends — multi-Grammy Award-winning icon and Latin music superstar Juanes, global bass pioneers El Freaky, and acclaimed accordion and folk singer Alfredo Gutierrez, known as the King of Kings and famous for winning the Vallenato Legend Festival three times.

The final product is a stunning musical jewel that will surprise and delight even newcomers to the genre. Blending traditional Colombian rhythms with a hot, modern twist, “Tesoro de Amor” is the kind of song that makes people want to dance as soon as the beat picks up. It comes accompanied by a riotous and satirical music video suffused with coastal Colombian culture, folklore, superstition, and more — all shot with effects and elements designed to give the piece a vintage, throwback feel.