Hailing from Zulia, twenty-three-year-old Noreh kicked off his career as a singer and songwriter in Venezuela. For his debut with Aftercluv, Universal Music Group’s label focusing on dance and global music, the young talent presents a gorgeous romantic hit inspired by R&B, Soul, Hip-Hop, and Pop elements.

The day I wrote “Visa,” I had a good reason to make a song with a theme like this. I remember that my current partner and I were just starting out and although I understood that because of her work abroad she had to leave, I wanted to be visceral with what I said; it’s what we all feel but are afraid to tell that person, but this is how it should be said,” Noreh explained, adding that this ballad showed his feelings in a different way than he was used to.

Visa” fuses R&B, Soul, and Hip-Hop with Pop elements. The track was written by Noreh along with his collective WISEGUYS, founded by Kid Fresco, Ivda and Mangus. Kid Fresco and Ivda produced and mixed the track themselves. The song’s melody invites listeners to relax and enjoy a summer afternoon.

“This song led me to show across social media that I am in love, both willing and accepting, and that I am not as dark as I described myself to be in the past. Many people connected to that. It taught me a lesson about what we can do with the things we like least about ourselves because love doesn’t make us weak — it makes us stronger.” – Noreh   

Visa” tells a story of the transitory nature of love and longing, written for those who care about someone distant or on the verge of leaving. Directed by Cristo Moreno and produced by Vista Creativa, the official music video for “Visa” shows Noreh going through the chaotic and stressful process of obtaining a visa to visit the United States, all while reliving memories of his past love — doctor and influencer Lucia Giannone — through photographs.

Noreh hopes that “Visa” will be received as a personal piece, and anticipates his next tracks will incorporate a genre switch that will change up the pace within the music industry and among fans who have followed his career and live by his mantra to constantly step outside your comfort zone.