I think someone has found the fountain of youth and is being very greedy, come on now, share with the rest of us.

Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue

It is obvious that these ladies have re-defined the meaning of “woman of a certain age”. I cannot remember while growing up, ever where I saw a woman that was over the age of 40 look good. However, check out the Sofia Vergara and Gwen Stefani of today, not letting age stop them from getting their career to a high of all time and continuing to grow their family.

16th Costume Designers Guild Awards With Presenting Sponsor Lacoste - Arrivals

But now when these gorgeous gals are in their 50s (Sharon Stone), 60s (Christie Brinkley) and YES 70s (Raquel Welch) and look jaw dropping hot, makes you wonder… maybe I should hit the exercise routine, healthy eating, and more R&R. I mean if I could be this active and look this good in some high heels and sexy fitted or high fashion dresses in my 70s, there is no better motivation than that!

By Elvira Zamora