Reach millions of Latin Music and Entertainment fans through compelling content and engaging experiences!

  • Our Audience: Reach affluent Bi-lingual U.S. Hispanic consumers who enjoy exploring things to do, restaurants, music concerts, art walks, cultural events, places to travel, and other lifestyle topics.
  • Digital Advertising: Reach unlimited readers online through our website display and video ads, programmatic solutions, email subscribers, and social media audiences.
  • Influencer Marketing: We connect your brand with influencers so they can help your brand attract attention, acquire consumers and inspire buying decisions.
  • Event Marketing: Engage with our Latin Music fans by sponsoring music events and custom experiences. 
  • Print Publication: Due to Covid-19 restrictions and our distribution model – we have paused the print distribution of the magazine until further notice. 

We produce content and amplify it to reach various consumers. We can create your ads in English, Spanish, or culturally relevant for the Bi-lingual audience. Our advertising campaigns can also be geo-targeted locally or on a national scale to drive brand consideration and sales.

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