Listen NOW to SANTI’S Debut Single “Quédate” on SOUNDCLOUD:

While little is known about the duo behind SANTI, the sound that they have created speaks for itself. Their effortless blend of genres – ranging across reggaeton, afrobeats, and electronic music – makes for a fresh take on Latin R&B, and has garnered the attention of many heavy-hitters in the music industry. With a promising future ahead, SANTI is set to release their music to the world.

We first hear SANTI’s distinctive vibe on their debut single “Quédate,” which draws us in with its mix of Latin rhythms, vintage 80s-style synths, and contemporary R&B piano. The track celebrates how we go to great lengths to avoid catching feelings, and captures the rush we experience when we mess up and catch them anyway, building up to a chorus that finally declares “quédate conmigo” – “stay with me.”  It’s a beautiful moment of surrender, and with the melody and energy that SANTI and “Quédate” bring, who’d ever want to leave?

“Quédate” will be available on all streaming platforms on March 1st.