Hailing from Mexico City, Mariana de Miguel, better known as Girl Ultra, has been riding the wave of her highly anticipated album Adiós. Adiós sees the artist transform to become a forefront on the Latin R&B scene. With flowing melodies and cloud-like sensations stemming from track to track, Adiós provides the uptempo feel that haven’t resonated with listeners since the 90s through spotlighted tracks “Lejos” and “Bye Bye”. As Girl Ultra transcends musically from soft spoken songstress to standout sensation, Musica Roots was able to sit down and speak with the young R&B sensation on the importance of social media and outside ventures away from the studio.

Relevance/Important of the Internet and Culture

In a world of viral sensations and cultural phenomenons, there is no doubt that the internet has become the “one-stop shop” for everything relevant to individuals on a global scale. Girl Ultra states that the internet and culture have been important cornerstones to today’s society. As the world continues to connect through the internet and find their individual styles, Girl Ultra stands out thanks to call backs to 90s style and melodic rhythm. She flaunts a nuance that matches today’s changing society, and continues to find her style and path to be unique as compared to others.

Interests Outside of the Studio

As do many musically talented artists, Girl Ultra finds her muse in painting. While out of a recording studio, Girl Ultra finds herself in a painters studio to create and expand on visions that shape the world around her. She states that there’s a certain tranquility that descends upon her and acts as a relief from life’s subtle stresses. As to match her style of linear art pieces, she showed us her gifted tattoo of Bart Simpson on her wrist.


Girl Ultra is featured on the new CoastCity single “Besos Pesos”. As she lends her voice to this slow building hit, we are given a different take from the primarily Spanish focused Girl Ultra with the integrated style of CoastCity. This Spanglish Latin group pairs extremely well with the melodic stylings of the ever-evolving Mariana.


Girl Ultra, also known as Nan de Miguel, hails from Mexico City. Relatively new to the music scene, Girl Ultra has begun to accumulate a following through her interest in creating a Latin version of TLC and Beyoncé for young Latin women to look up to, as her musical influences have done for her. With the debut of her first EP Boys, Girl Ultra has taken a lyrical stance to match that of her English counterparts as she approached the 90s inspired harmonies with a slow building tone of storytelling. Her take on smooth rhythmic patterns has left listeners in a trance that matched the strength of the R&B golden age of the 90s. With each flowing track, the drum drives and melodic piano flutters give listeners the patented smooth feel of global artists with a refreshing Latin twist through contagious Spanish lyrics that make it hard for listeners to resist singing along to. Taking inspiration through the Daniel Cesar single “Get You”, Girl Ultra reinforces the refreshing twist to the next generation of R&B music. Through collaborations with other Finesse Record artists, Girl Ultra set out to take the Latin R&B scene by storm with her debut album Adiós.