Renowned for his captivating voice, solid stage presence, and unparalleled ability to ignite audiences, Marc Anthony stands as one of the most influential figures in Latin music.

Throughout his career, the singer-songwriter of Puerto Rican descent has continuously pushed the boundaries of Latin music, seamlessly blending traditional rhythms with contemporary sounds to create a unique and timeless sound.

For the last two or three decades, Marc has established himself as a referent in the modern Salsa movement, bringing in elements from pop music to make his music more marketable in the current industry.

However, over the last months, this “Salsero” has decided to shake things up a little and explore off the beaten Salsa track. In this new adventure, he experiments with other Latin music genres to freshen up his latest productions.  

Back in October 2023, Marc Anthony released a ‘ranchera’ (a regional Mexican genre) titled “Ojalá te duela” (“I hope it hurts you”), featuring Mexican star Pepe Aguilar. This song was premiered live by the duo at the 2023 Billboard Latin Music Awards in Coral Gables, Florida.

More recently, in January 2024, Marc released a catchy and sensual Bachata song called “Punta Cana,” evoking the tropical ambiance of this beach town in the Dominican Republic, the country where Bachata originally comes from.

As Latin music continues to inspire artists and listeners around the world, Marc Anthony remains at the forefront of the movement, leading the way with his bold experimentation and visionary attitude to music-making.

The burden is now on his fans to decide whether he should continue to pursue these rhythmic endeavors, or rather stick to his more authentic modern Salsa style.