Still riding the success of their smash hit single “Rockstar” ft. Mozart La Para and D Smoke, Puerto Rican group Domino Saints continues to dominate 2022, dropping one incredible anthemic hit after another and maintaining their status as the hottest Latin duo of the moment. Today the revolutionary pair is back to remind everyone of why they are one of the most unique Latin acts on the scene, releasing their highly anticipated new single “Si No Eres Tu.”

Produced by Gotex the Lyon, a native of the Colombian island of San Andres, “Si No Eres Tu” is an impactful, emotion-driven song that explores the darker side of love, speaking to the deepest pain and heartbreak we can experience in romance. Although it conveys the devastating feeling we encounter when we lose the one we love the most, especially when the breakup is the result of a big fight that we thought had no solution, the song still preserves Domino Saints’ signature Caribbean vibe, intertwining heart-wrenching lyrics with super fresh island-inspired melodies. It’s the perfect love song for listeners to dedicate to that special person that they know they can’t live without.

Domino Saints recently shared the official music video on their YouTube channel. Filmed under the direction of “THE HAYES BROTHERS” (Adam and Nick Hayes), the dynamic visual fuses frames in black and white and in color to deliver an engaging and captivating viewing experience that will pull fans even deeper into this already intriguing story.

Along with the wildly successful previously released singles “Dancefreak,” “Amor de Tontos,” “My Way” and “Rockstar,” all of which have experienced impressive reach and explosive popularity worldwide, “Si No Eres Tu” will also be featured on Domino Saints’ upcoming album “FUTURE LOVE GAMES.” As the title suggests, the project will explore a variety of compelling topics related to love while incorporating enthralling new sounds, such as moombahton and drill, within the duo’s already irresistible Latin-Caribbean style, speaking to Domino Saints’ forward-thinking creative process, constant trend-setting innovation, and undeniable knack for creating global hits infused with infectious energy.