FEID, emerging superstar and leader of new school Reggaeton in Colombia, celebrates the monumental release of his highly anticipated single, “Normal.” Fans all over social media raced to experience the phenomenon that “Normal” became prior to its official release. With over 120,000 people virtually attending the YouTube pre-release watch-page for the official video, “Normal” became a streaming force in the first 24 hours since its release.

The official video currently sits at 4 million views on YouTube and is actively trending in over 20 countries worldwide while reaching #1 in Colombia, Costa Rica, Ecuador, Guatemala, Honduras, Panama and Peru and Top 10 in Spain (#3) Mexico (#8), USA (#10) and Argentina (#10), making this the highest day 1 mark for FEID to date.

“Normal” also debuts in the Spotify Daily Global Top 30 charts, at #27. This milestone marks a new touchstone for Feid as he propels into a Latin superstar with over 20 million monthly listeners on Spotify. Feid’s viral hit single, “Pantysito” peaked at #50 global just a few months ago, leading the way for “Normal” to catapult higher within the Spotify charts.