Prepare to move to the rhythm of the beat as legendary percussionist and female music icon Sheila E. announces the release of “Bailar,” her first-ever Salsa studio album. With her signature style and infectious energy, Sheila E. is ready to captivate audiences again with an electrifying collection of Latin-infused tracks that will have fans dancing all night long to the beat of her drums.

For this new album, the “Queen of Percussion” collaborated with Latin idol Gloria Estefan and Peruvian singer Mimy Succar on a cover of Celia Cruz’s classic track “Bemba Colorá.” This single has February 23rd, 2024, as its release date. The entire album production is expected to be revealed in April this year.

She already released the first single of the album, “Bailar,” which gives name to the LP itself.

“Bailar,” which translates to “dance” in Spanish, promises to be a celebration of music, culture, and the joy of movement. This Salsa LP also has special appearances from other major stars in the genre such as Ruben Blades, Luis Enrique, and Gilberto Santa Rosa.

Drawing inspiration from Sheila E.’s rich musical heritage and diverse influences, the album features a dynamic blend of Latin rhythms, funk grooves, and R&B elements that showcase her unparalleled talent and versatility as an artist.