Colombian twin sister duo VALE and Mexican singer-songwriter Marco Mares, both Latin Grammy®-nominated acts who have made an incredible impact on the Latin music scene in a brief period of time, have teamed up to release their first collaboration together titled “Máquina Del Tiempo,” out today via Rebeleon Entertainment, and Virgin Music US Latin.

Written by Valeria Perez and Valentina Perez (VALE) and Marco Mares, and produced by Daniel “Vago” Galindo, “Máquina Del Tiempo” is a heartfelt story that overflows with nostalgia, but at the same time also offers a fresh dose of humor. The song speaks to the relatable feeling we sometimes experience after a breakup, when we’re still getting used to how the relationship has changed and we’re looking for a way to help ourselves heal. On this track, VALE and Mares propose an amusing solution; suggesting that a time machine might just be the device we need to be able to relive those special moments we shared with our significant other so we can finally move on.

“This is the first time that we have invited an artist to collaborate on a song with us, and we had the pleasure and honor of having Marco Mares. As an artist and person, he is incredible. We admire him a lot and this first time could not be better,” VALE shares about collaborating with Mares.