The viral Argentinian producer and DJ Bizarrap announces a new Collab with the rapper Young Miko

Bizarrap, a famous producer and DJ from Argentina has created incredibly viral collaborations, with songs with more than 600M views. He worked with big names like Shakira and Nathy Peluso. He’s famed for his Bzrp Music Sessions, where he blends genres like trap and Reggaeton. Sometimes the sessions have extra value because the artists can express deep feelings about their personal lives. Young Miko, a rising star from Puerto Rico, adds her fresh flair to the mix, merging Reggaeton and hip-hop with catchy lyrics. Together, they’ve created a new song: The BZRP Music Sessions #58 with Young Miko.

The song’s lyrics are about life, family and success. One part of the song goes like this: “La que puede, puede; y la que no puede, soporta” which in English means “Those who can, do; those who can’t, deal with it,” which refers to the need of grow and not worrying about other’s comments that can come with envy. Then she continues: “My folks are good, that’s what matters.” So, she’s talking about how you can succeed in life but you will always have a heart with your family and friends. 

Working with Bizarrap isn’t Young Miko’s first time teaming up with artists from Argentina. She’s already been in a song called “Brinca” on Cazzu’s album “Nena Trampa” and worked with Nicki Nicole on a track named “8 AM” from the album “Alma”. On October 28 and 29, 2023, she hit the stage in Buenos Aires for the first time at C Art Media, as a part of her Trap Kitty World Tour, showing off her only album so far.