The multi-talented Pitizion, nominated to the Latin GRAMMY 2020 as Best New Artist, shares her unique voice and style to bring to life the new single, “Tal Vez Remix,” from Venezuelan singer Itzza Primera. With this song, these Latinas, who are urban music stars, give strength and empower those who suffer from a broken heart inviting them to see the light at the end of the tunnel. The Colombian infuses the track with her signature urban beat, beautiful vocals, and a powerful attitude, bringing forth a new rhythm that will surely become the new hymn for anyone suffering from a broken heart.

Written by Pitizion, Dejota 2021, Itzza Primera, and Ryan Roy, the new single is a remix of Itzza Primera’s original song “Tal Vez.” With a fresh and upbeat rhythm, “Tal Vez Remix” shows us that a good song can be liberating allowing us to forget our pain and change our perspective. The single talks about how sometimes it’s better to let go of someone who doesn’t love you anymore and realize that what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger. When a relationship completes its cycle, it is better to leave it in the past and concentrate on loving yourself.

There are always two worlds and visions to things, where sometimes we have light and sunshine, in others rain and darkness, both things are part of the day-to-day and the process,” said Pitizion. 

Given they forged a great friendship during the recording of the LATIN FLOW reality show, Pitizion and Itzza Primera decided to collaborate on this powerful story, which is also part of the series. Pitizion is on her way to the pinnacle of success. Her makeup line is on sale nationwide on all Target stores across the United States. Additionally, the artist is preparing her first tour in Colombia which will be announced in the next few weeks. Ever since Pitizion broke into the Latin music scene, everything she touches turns to gold. With over a million monthly listeners on Spotify, she has no plans of slowing down. Her energy, charisma, emotional lyrics, passion, and humility are molding the future of urban music in Latin America.