Sky Monroe is much more than a singer, behind her music are several years of working behind the scenes in everything including music production. Born in Queens, NY, and raised in Miami, Sky Monroe comes from a Colombian household. They had to face several difficult years, as her family tried to establish back in Medellín, Colombia, but due to the political crisis that was taking place in the country, they had to move back to the states. 

Thanks to that experience, Sky developed a sensitivity towards composition, using music as her escape. 

 “Music became my therapy; my outlet and it was and still is the healthiest way to cope.” 

She developed a passion for music when she was 4 years old when she started singing. Luckily, she comes from a musical family that supported her decision of becoming a singer when she was 9 years old. During her brief time back in Colombia, her parents encouraged her musical studies, making her study classical music theory. 

When she came back to the states, she continued her way with music, participating in musical events at school, including an audition where she sang a Mariah Carey song in acapella.  At just 15 years of age, she was already writing and composing her own songs. Shortly after, she got the opportunity to start gravitating towards production, a field that not all artists are involved with, but it’s a great addition to a musician’s career. 

“As a producer and songwriter, I usually always contributed towards composition; this includes lyrics, music, melody and vocal production.”

Since then, she had the opportunity of working alongside major names in the industry like Federico Vindver, Pitbull (With whom she collabed’ in his album during 2019), and DJ Snake. As for right now, she’s signed with Universal Music Publishing Group, where she’s working on different projects as a producer, but also working in her very first EP “Revelación” which was set to be released during spring.