Nathy Peluso is the girl everyone’s talking about lately. The Argentinian based in Spain has become more popular than ever over the past few months.

You cannot describe her in just one word. She’s a lot of things, and so is her music. Rebel, daring, innovative… Those are just some adjectives that come to mind when you listen to her music. She mixes rhythms and styles, Latino accents, and words to make songs that sound incredibly different from one another.

“Sana Sana” was the first single for her latest album Calambre and it was an instant hit. Her performance in collaboration with A Colors Show went viral and marked the beginning of her career’s best numbers.

She has shown us that she’s not afraid of any genre. It can be salsa, hip-hop, trap, R&B, soul, or jazz; she has done it all, and she’s definitely not stopping with the experimentation and the incredible mix of rhythms that define her music.

If you are a Tik Tok user, you probably have heard the lyrics “I’m a nasty girl, fantastic.” That sound is an extract of the song BZRP where she shows the talent she has for rap.

“Delito” is her latest single, and we’re sure it’s going to hit the same success as her 2020’s songs. Nathy has a natural talent for composition and storytelling; Delito is entirely written by her.

The song is, as almost every song of her, has an exciting mix of rhythms. You can perceive the dancehall rhythm and the traditional Caribbean influence that makes it a perfect theme for dancing at a party.

“Delito” is about a relationship full of passion and lust. The lyrics let you know that this couple cannot get their hands off each other, and their dance is so passionate that it almost seems like a crime (“Bailamos que parece un delito.”)

The video was released on the same day, and it shows just how talented Nathy is. It’s full of passionate scenes between her and her partner, and the very best part (And the one that’s already all over the internet) is the scene where Nathy is dancing alone all across the restaurant.

She is not just a singer; she also has a unique performative and dancing background from her years studying drama and arts.

“Delito” is a statement for her. Being sexy, passionate, and powerful is something she has put as a goal for her 2021 releases. As of 2020, she’s shown that she is willing to show her strongest side by owning her sensuality and using it in every record.

Cardi B is even feeling this track!