Paulina Sotomayor is an already established name in the Mexican music industry. 

Known as a DJ, singer, and songwriter, she has mostly worked alongside her brother in their band “Sotomayor” with which they have toured in Latin America, United States, and Europe. 

As a DJ, she mixes together electronic sounds with traditional Latin rhythms, and after a long career, she finally decides to come up with her own solo project. 

Pahua is a project in which she combines different genres, creating her own identity within Latin alternative sounds. She plays with electronic, downtempo, lo-fi beats, and Latin rhythms, as well as femininity, empowerment, nature, inner force, and self-love as their topics. 

Last year, she released her first single “Vayayó” which is the perfect mix between traditional Latin sounds with electronic music, giving you a sound that’s both catchy and easy to dance; you can see yourself enjoying a summer party streaming this song. 

The stunning video was filmed in Xochimilco, Mexico City and now counts with more than 100K views on YouTube. 

Her latest single “Caramelo” also came with the release of her first EP “Ofrenda”. 

“Caramelo” offers a Pop feeling mixed with lo-fi beats, in which the relationship with oneself is the main theme. The video was actually filmed in Pahua’s house during the lockdown and has a very similar aesthetic to the first one. You can spot that nature is a great source of inspiration for her work. 

Her EP “Ofrenda” released in February, and it was followed by an EP of remixes released in April. 

According to Pahua: 

“Ofrenda is the beginning of a cycle based on self-discovery, which shows my feminine side. Although this EP sounds organic, it was created from the new technological processes to which we have had to adapt in these pandemic times.”