Jerry Di, one of the promising artists of the new generation of Latin music, releases a new single titled “El Diablo” (The Devil). His singular mix of reggaeton beats with sensual rap sounds is the preferred recipe of fans worldwide. With raw originality and innovative sound, Jerry Di seems to reinvent himself with each new track, while staying true to the spirit of urban music. This allows him to connect with audiences around the world and it’s safe to say this is only the beginning for this rising star.

A single that touches on temptation, wickedness and darkness, “El Diablo” is a challenge to those who want to maliciously control you. This song, penned by Jerry Di, speaks directly to youth through passionate lyrics and sensual rhythms. Produced by Jerry Di and NENETO between Medellín, Miami and Spain, the single takes being naughty to a whole new level. Inspired by a nightclub in Paris with the same name, the track is a multi-cultural staple – with lyrics that flow bilingually between Spanish and English.

The single comes with a frisky and hypnotic video set in a lively nightclub that transports you to a joyful and sensory social gathering. Beautiful women, margaritas and flirtatious dancing create the ideal ambience to dismiss your inhibitions and indulge in your darkest temptations. The unforgettable beats of Jerry Di coupled with this sensual video, brings out the best of this unique and original artist who has been making waves ever since breaking into the urban music scene.