Singer, songwriter, producer, Luthier and DJ Cigarbox Man is becoming internationally renowned for the signature style of music that he has coined “Sustainable Rock,” refreshing the scene with his powerful message of peace and advocacy for sustainability. Today the groundbreaking Chilean artist arrives with his new single “I’m Not Terrified,” a thrilling piece that will prompt listeners to confront even their worst demons.

Channeling the energy of legendary psychedelic rock band Pink Floyd, Cigarbox Man created this extraordinary track while on a three-day retreat in the Sierras, encountering his inspiration for the song after a barefoot night walk through the snowy forest led him into a raw and primal state of mind. “I’m Not Terrified” hums with scintillating electricity, summoning the imagery of a mystifying yet alluring alternate universe born from the apprehension of the unknown. Accompanied by his iconic cigarbox guitar, which he crafted himself from recycled materials, with his latest single, Cigarbox Man offers fans a daring ride into the farthest corners of the mind, taking them to the places they are most afraid to explore.

From the subways of Santiago to one of the main stages of Lollapalooza CL, and now to the Bay Area, Cigarbox Man has steadily been rising as one of the most talented and intriguing artists to hit the independent music scene in recent years. Captivating listeners everywhere with his compelling fusion of rock, electronica, delta blues and psychedelia, his engaging stories are rooted in the complex aspects of the human condition as well as his own personal experiences.

“I’m Not Terrified” is the third single from Cigarbox Man’s first full-length album “Blue Dalom,” and the first track released in partnership with Chilean environmental organization Cultiva ( Proceeds from the track will guarantee the planting of a minimum of ten trees, absorbing an estimated 6 tons of CO2 over the life of the trees.

The new album sees Cigarbox Man joining forces with the project’s co-producer Tomas Salcedo (from the band Fantastic Negrito), and a dream team of Bay Area Grammy winners and acclaimed artists and producers, including Thomas Pridgen on drums (The Mars Volta, Residente), Uriah Duffy on bass (Whitesnake), and Karl Perazzo on percussion (Carlos Santana). The highly anticipated album is being mixed by two-time Grammy winner Nahuel Bronzini (mixing engineer, Fantastic Negrito), and promises to solidify Cigarbox Man’s position as a trailblazer in the contemporary music landscape.