Learn this name: YEИDRY. Yes, with the letter “n” spelled backward. This girl is going to be the next sensation in Latino music. 

Her life story is just as impressive as her music. She was born in the Dominican Republic but moved to Italy when she was four years old. A Dominican mother and an Italian father raised her, and she grew up with Dominican music and American and European music. 

Her music shows exactly how she grew up. The mixture between Latino influences and Caribbean rhythms and the electronic music she has worked with while in Italy is something you can notice from the first second. 

Her lyrics are full of personal experiences. From tough experiences with money, immigration, racism, and harassment, she has used her music to empower herself and honor the experiences that she has lived with her mother. 

“Barrio” was her first single. It was a total success. The song has an apparent Spanish inspiration, with flamenco clapping in the background and some electronic effects. It was the perfect way to introduce her to the music scene. 

Then came “Nena,” a song with an immense personal background as she wrote it from her mother’s perspective. It is based on the experience of leaving her daughter behind at first when migrating to a new country and then raising a child away from home. 

Her most significant opportunity came with A Colors Show. She performed with the well-known platform, which gave her immense recognition. Yendry herself describes it as a dream that came true, as it is a platform that gave her a lot of visibility, and that’s something not everyone has. 

Her most recent single is “El Diablo,” and she wrote it from yet again a personal perspective. She experienced an awkward situation with a man that was bothering her in a very sexist way, and she came up with a song in which she would feel empowered to take revenge. “I wanted to feel like the scary one for once” was the idea that made the music come to life.

“Se Acabó” her new song and music video featuring Mozart La Para was recently released. In the video, she shows herself in a free and independent way. She was singing goodbye for a love that left her and that she has already forgotten. The video shows the streets of the DR in which she grew up. As a bonus, you can see one of DR’s most prominent rappers: Mozart La Para

Check Yendry’s music if you like the fusion between Latino and experimental music, and you’ll find an extraordinary talent that soonly will be everywhere.