How many times have you seen someone showing their talent on social media? Can you imagine a day where fate simply smiles at you and you get discovered? 

That’s the story of Jodosky, the Puerto Rican artist who is taking his first steps into the reggaeton industry. 

He was discovered during an Instagram live chat by Pablo Batista, chief of talent management at NEON16, as part of the initiative “A&R Thursdays.”

Jodosky’s biggest dreams just came true. NEON16 is a Miami-based studio owned by none other than multi-grammy winner Tainy, which is responsible for the biggest productions of reggaeton music nowadays. 

We’re talking about the house studio that produced the J Balvin & Bad Bunny album Oasis, as well as Bad Bunny’s most recent single Yonaguni. 

The Puerto Rican artist grew up -as most of us- with Tainy’s productions. The opportunity of working alongside his idol is something that he has not taken for granted; he’s surely doing some big stuff. 

“There are no words to express how I feel, the fact that at the beginning of the pandemic I was a child with a dream and now I’m working with NEON16 and Tainy. It’s something I can’t describe”. 

Last year, he got the opportunity of working with the NFL, when they chose his song “Campeón” (Champion) as part of NFL’s 2020 seasonal campaign. The campaign was released during Hispanic heritage month, and just a few weeks after the release of his very first single with NEON16, “No Le Bajamos”. 

Nowadays, he counts with 3 successful singles, being “Perreo Rompemadres” the most recent one. The song gives an interesting plot twist just at the beginning, which makes you want to listen to it to the end. 

His music is a major throwback to the 2000s, where reggaeton was starting to expand on Latinamerica, before becoming the powerful industry it is now. Right now, the early 00s are on-trend, which makes Jodosky’s music perfect to set the mood of the season.