Camie Llano is a young Colombian singer and actress based in Los Angeles. Her career as a musician just started this year, and although she has only released three songs, her talent and potential are present in each of them.

Some of Camie Llano’s influences may include Billie Eilish, Melanie Martinez, or Kerli. Although it is too early to define Camie’s style, her songs are full of pop melodies with little gothic touches in their lyrics or aesthetics.

Until now, Camie Llano has only published songs in English. Her first single ‘Camieland’, shows us her personal adaptation to the classic tale of Alice in Wonderland. This track has a pleasant but straightforward pop production, accompanied by some strings that evoke a fairy tale atmosphere.

‘Visitor’ was her second single. This is a luminous pop song that might remind us of the powerful productions of Eurovision. ‘Witch in L.A.’ is Camie’s latest single. She released it on Halloween Eve. And as its title indicates, this song completely embraces the spooky aesthetic.

Camie Llano’s career is just starting, and we can’t wait to see where it takes us. Welcome to Camieland ✨