Fátima Pinto is a songstress, model, and influencer born in Costa Rica. Her musical career began in 2017 with her debut single Feel Something. Fátima’s musical style combines Latin rhythms like dancehall and reggaeton with explosive EDM productions.

Feel Something counts with the collaboration of Mike Joseph, a reggaeton artist from Costa Rica who managed to give a tropical touch to the song. Its catchy and danceable rhythm made this song the first hit of Fámita, reaching more than 4 million plays on Spotify.

After only three years in the business, Fátima Pinto can already brag about opening concerts for major artists like Ricky Martin and Ariana Grande.

The Costa Rican rising star has also worked with major producers of the Latino scene like Mario Caceres and Yasmil Marrufo. Although their names may not ring a bell, these producers have worked with superstars like Shakira and Maluma.

2020 is a critical year for Fátima. This year, we listened to two of her most recent singles that gave us a small glimpse of the singer’s new style.

No More and Pum Pum are the two singles that Fatima shared this year. While Pum Pum is entirely in Spanish, No More plays with Spanglish without a problem.

In Pum Pum, we hear Fatima singing over a contemporary and easy-going reggaeton base. The track is full of sensuality and could perfectly work on the dancefloor.

Fátima Pinto’s versatility is shown in No More, a trap-base track that explores sounds closer to hip-hop while still preserving pop sensibility. Fátima Pinto’s music is easy to listen to and very enjoyable. We can’t wait to see her rise in the industry and become a superstar.