C. Tangana and Nathy Peluso have released the new single “Ateo” accompanied by a provocative music video. The song is an ode to bachata, a genre that was heavy on C. Tangana’s mind during the making of his breakthrough album ‘El Madrileño,’ in which he decontextualized the traditional elements and fused them with urban sounds.

C. Tangana felt “Nathy was the perfect partner for that” since they “share a rap background and are sonically exploring other traditional music styles.” “When Pucho first sent me the song,” Nathy Peluso remembers, “I immediately felt it was a classic. And when we worked together at the studio I reconfirmed that same feeling. It’s a project with a marvelous universe and a fantastic video that is truly a piece of art, and a very interesting topic that challenges us all. Long live Romanticism!

The official music video for “Ateo” was filmed at the stunning Toledo Cathedral. It is also C. Tangana’s directorial debut, a shared vision with longtime collaborators Little Spain. “I’ve always been fascinated by film directors and I’m a big cinema aficionado,” C. Tangana shares. “I’ve always worked on the creativity for my videos but this is the first time I’m directing. Beyond aesthetics, the visual portrays how I feel, showcasing the song and the nuances of the lyrics.”

C. Tangana first explored bachata on his smash track “Tú Me Dejaste de Querer,” a track boasting 139 Million YouTube views, incorporating elements from the genre and inspired by his trip to the Dominican Republic, which led to introductions to legends like Luis Segura who he hopes to collaborate with too.

Both artists also garnered leading Latin GRAMMYs nominations last week with 5 nominations for C. Tangana and 4 nominations for Nathy Peluso.