Sofia Reyes and Danna Paola, two of the most popular popstars in the world right now, have joined forces to deliver an event song that will dominate this summer and point to the future of the genre. Marking the first time both artists have worked in the hyperpop medium, “tqum (te quiero un montón)” deals with feeling nostalgic about an ex and being honest with oneself about missing being with that person; “tqum” gives both Sofía and Danna the chance to express themselves in a unique way. With its avant-garde arrangement and execution, the singers deliver a song that will stay on top of your go-to playlist.

To accompany the new single, a video for “tqum” has been released. Directed by Mamo Vernet and produced by MITH Originals, the video sees the singers trapped in a hellish plane flight which makes them wreck havoc and have a great time. The video reflects the fun aspect of the song as well as the good times Sofía and Danna have together. The visual is a must watch and will be on loop in screens everywhere.

Sofía says about the collaboration. “When we’re on a plane or we spend too much time by ourselves, remember people, and land our thoughts. Sharing this song with Danna Paola is very powerful, obviously because we’re both Mexicans and friends, but also because the song is very much a pop song, and it’s important for both of us to make music that celebrates this kind of music.”

“tqum” will be included in Sofia’s forthcoming album due later in 2023. The full length will also include “Luna”, which sees the singer embrace nature and the power of feminine divinity in a heartfelt and celestial love song. “tqum” was written by Sofia, Danna, Karen Sotomayor, and Thom Bridges; it was produced by BridgesRolling Stone hailed the as-yet-untitled album as “the beginning of a new era […] after an excellent, cumbia-filled album, Mal De Amores.”

Reyes has become an international Latin music superstar. With nominations to prestigious awards like Latin GRAMMYs, Latin American Music Awards, MTV Europe Awards, Premios Juventud, and NRJ Music Awards, among many others, Reyes has demonstrated her talent and versatility as a Global pop icon. She has achieved more than 1 billion views on YouTube and more than 2 billion streams on Spotify worldwide with the numbers rising every day. Her hits like “1 2 3”, “RIP”, “Mal De Amores”, and “Marte” have earned platinum and gold status by the RIAA as well as critical praise by such outlets as Billboard and Rolling Stone. Thanks to the viral hit “1 2 3” on Tik Tok, Reyes became the Latin female artist with the most creations on the platform, with 8 million videos.