Childhood friends, Inti Y Vicente always knew they would become a duo that returns romanticism to music and declares that a woman’s beauty should be respected. With confidence in their talents and the belief that success is enjoyed more with a friend by your side, they debuted their hits like, “Llamarte” and “USA.” Each song celebrates the excitement one feels when calling or going out with a special someone. Yet, now that they are 22 and 24, they understand romance doesn’t remain innocent. In their new song, “Lo Que Digas,” they embrace the passion that develops between intimate lovers.

“Lo Que Digas” is a sexier side of Inti y Vicente, with whispered and more intimate melodies that expand our romantic side of a relationship. The production is also more daring. We fuse pop with dancehall, trap, and reggae to give it a distinct vibe and enhance the potency of the story we are telling.” – Inti y Vicente