Marie Monti is a pop/urban singer-songwriter, producer, and musician born and raised in Dijon, France. Having started playing the piano at age five and the cello at age 7, she grew up with a focus on musical understanding and talent development. She dedicated herself to growth in this space by attending the Conservatory of Music in France for more than ten years. Marie Monti is fluent in English, French and speaks some Spanish. She began to create/compose music in her native language, French, until she began to focus on English and Spanish based music, having learned the languages through her education and personal travels.

Marie has a passion for Latin music, and she writes and co-writes the Spanish lyrics to the melody she composes, or co-composes. Marie Monti has collaborated with top up-and-coming and distinguished producers to prepare for a robust Q3 release of her upcoming EP, which will be a collection of English, Spanish and Spanglish music. Her music has already caught the ear of tastemakers behind the top DSP channels, and Radio programmers and the response has all been positive.

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