The Venezuelan artist Danny Ocean released his second studio album ‘@dannocean’ this year, featuring multiple talented urban artists, from Tokischa and TINI, to Justin Quiles and Guaynaa. 

Danny first became famous for his single ‘Me Rehúso’, back in 2016, when Venezuela was going through a massive immigration crisis, where he sang to a girl he loved, and how he reused to kiss her goodbye, promising that he will her when they meet again. 

The song quickly gained traction on social media due to the relatability of the lyrics and how much Venezuelans could identify with that through their collective experience of losing loved ones that went far away from the country due to the socioeconomic downfall that Venezuela was going through. 

And with his previous record ‘54+1’ he explored both being in love and going through a heartbreak, with mainly Latin pop rhythms and some reggaeton too, which he explores further in this new full-length project ‘@dannocean’ with 16 new tracks, a lot of them already surpassing the 10 million plays in Spotify. 

Like ‘Tú No Me Conoces’ featuring TINI, where they fuse both of their melodic voices to a reggaeton beat, talking about how they are getting to know each other’s secrets, step by step, with no rush, to form a loving and free relationship.

Is not often that we see reggaeton artists going with love letters like this or talking about healthy relationships, and all his lyrics are similar in that way, all being more on the romantic side, that might not be everyone’s cup of tea but is certainly appealing if you’re looking for songs to fall in love to, or songs to dedicate to someone you’re interested in, ‘@dannocean’ will definitely be the perfect album for you, especially if you already dig what the artist has done before. 

Songs like ‘Rubia sol morena luna v2’ are other of the highlights of the album, where he pays homage to Venezuelan band ‘Caramelos de Cianuro’ for their renowned song of the same title, another great hit in Venezuela back in the 2010’s.

And ‘???’ is an ode to when you’re left wondering all those intrusive questions when something doesn’t work out with someone you really hoped for the best, and why, and how, it didn’t work at all. Again, Danny Ocean explores just the right amount of topics around love and its consequences, either good or bad, with his lyricism, with a genre that he already knows works for his voice and intention. 

Give it a listen or two, it might be your type after all.