We recently sat down with the emerging Bi-lingual Indie Soul-Pop artist CAYEY CICADA, from Puerto Rico now based in LA. He recently released his lead single “Vuelo” from his upcoming EP due in winter. He is known for his blend of Indie beats and Latin rhythms and continues to experiment in this new work his unique and entrancing sounds that aim to explore deep existential questions while dancing the night away.

Listen to it HERE:

Here’s the interview where he talks about why he moved to Los Angeles, his launch and Latin genres that influenced him. Enjoy 🙂

MUSICA ROOTS: Who is Cayey Cicada?

CAYEY CICADA: My name is Lugo, I’m a Puerto Rican singer and composer. I moved to LA for all things Music. Study, craft, live, work and build my music career. In 2017, I began my journey as Cayey Cicada.

MUSICA ROOTS: What genre is your music?

CAYEY CICADA: You can categorize it as Indie because I feel it helps me grow and I like to blend my influences of Salsa, Reggae and EDM.

MUSICA ROOTS: How has your cultural roots influenced your music?

CAYEY CICADA: My Puerto Rican culture, experiences with friends; Reggae, Salsa, Jazz and Funk have definitely influenced my music.