The release of the single is accompanied by an animated video created by Polidélico, which tells a story that can have different meanings and that leaves to the imagination if what is happening is real or a dream. “Loco Loquito”  PJ SIN SUELA x Jorge Drexler available on all digital and streaming platforms now.

About the single, PJ SIN SUELA, explained that while he studied medicine his classmates would question him on why someone who performed in front of thousands still used the crutch “eee,eeee.” Always finding inspiration in the every day, the doctor turned rapper decided to make a song inspired on just that. In essence “Loco Loquito” is a love story between two people who are crazy for each other but neither of them knows it. As they start the conversation their nerves get the best of them, evident by the use of the crutch “ee,eee”- “Eres ese elogio escaso en espinas” (You are that compliment, lacking thorns).

Where PJ shines as a singer-songwriter is in his play on words. On this single PJ created a conversation using over 100 words all starting with the letter “E,” emulating the use of the crutch as nerves, anxiety and love take over emotions at the beginning of a relationship.

To this brilliant song comes in the incomparable Jorge Drexler, who has been an inspiration to PJ SIN SUELA. The parallels between the two are evident, both studied medicine before deciding to pursue a career in music, both singer- songwriters with a unique point of view and style, they come together for their first collaboration to create “Loco Loquito.” About their collaboration, PJ explained:

“For me, it was a dream come true, Jorge Drexler, is one of the artists I admire the most. His albums are my favorites. I will always be grateful to have been able to work with him on this track.”

About working with PJ on the single Jorge Drexler expressed, “My brother and colleague, the great PJ SIN SUELA, invited me to be a part of this great song. I am there as always in the clouds being a part of this beautiful audiovisual song.”

The new single “Loco Loquito” took weeks to write, searching in my mind for words that started with the letter “E”- explained PJ SIN SUELA – “I did not want to look for words in the dictionary or make an overly complicated song. I fought against doing a single that was complex, and not simple to understand for everyone. I wanted the ear to not be aware that everything started with “E”.

On the chorus violins, violas, cellos, clarinets and flutes take center stage as they accompany the unmistakable voice of Jorge Drexler, as a woman’s voice joins in, the same voice we hear at the beginning of the song. The second verse continues with the evolution of the relationship with lyrics filled with nostalgia that evoke falling in love, as PJ promises fairytales and says “Pero cierra los ojos y te llevo a Disney” (Close your eyes and I will take you to Disney).