Aitana releases a new song and uncut video, “Ni Una más” (Not One More), a new pop musical proposal that aims to shed light on a sensitive social issue for everyone, on which she felt the need to raise her voice and send a message of urgency and global awareness.

The track, written by Aitana, Juan Pablo Isaza, Juan Pablo Villamil, Nicolas Gonzalez, and Pablo Benito, produced by Mapache, mixed by Felipe Guevara, and mastered by Dave Kutch, comes with a video clip featuring 47 international collaborations, artists who didn’t want to pass up the opportunity to be a part of this project, which regrettably needs to part of the current discourse.

The lyrics take us inside Aitana’s thoughts and her need to continue contributing to change regarding this issue, ultimately, a very important one to generate visibility around given her audience which spans different generations, including a very young one, and it is mainly comprised of women who are currently developing their points of view. It is a very constructive and positive proposal that seeks, based on love and unity, to generate dialogue.